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ACH / e-Checks


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I have a Cubecart shopping cart that works great for processing credit card transactions using the Authorize.net extension.

I would like to start accepting e-Checks or ACH payments as well but I am unsure how to accomplish this.  I know that e-checks and ACH are different, but I just don't know how to integrate them with my cart. I also don't know if I have to run these payments through my bank, my credit card merchant account, some other entity or the gateway itself.

Everything I've read assumes I already know the ins and outs of such payments and how they work together, but it's all very confusing to me.  I would be ecstatic to learn how to start accepting such payments and integrate them with Cubecart.  



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Using PayPal payments allows for echecks. I have code in my CC install from way back when that a developer wrote for me that adds the needed emails for admin and customer. It subtracts from inventory just as it would for a regular payment. But it's NOT a plugin. It has to be manually carried forward from upgrade to upgrade and on occassion I have had to modify the code to keep it working as CC changes required it.


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5 hours ago, Dirty Butter said:

But it's NOT a plugin.

While I am probably able to write the code, I would feel much better with a plugin.

Do ACH transactions typically use a Gateway?  Or is it just that some platforms included it as an all-in-one solution?

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