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Can I Duplicate Extensions / Plugins?

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Under Manage Extensions, I have installed Authorize.net Gateway (SIM) installed.  It works great for accepting credit cards. [Note: I know this is deprecated in favor of Authorize.net Accept Hosted].

Anyway, I would like to have a 2nd copy of this extension appear on my Checkout page so that I can separate e-Checks from Credit Cards.  One extension would be Priority 1  with the Description an image of a credit card, and the other would be Priority 2 with the Description an image of a check.

Is this possible?  I just need a way for the Gateway to know whether a user will be entering ACH numbers or credit card numbers.

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I have done this with shipping modules, but not payment modules.

Basically, you give the copy of the module a different folder name (still using underscores for spaces), then in the module's config.xml file, update the relevant nodes.


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That worked!!!

Now I just have to figure out how to send the right fields to the gateway.  I hope I won't have to come begging for help with that.

Many thanks.

PS: Now that I look at it, I think as long as I use the right API Login ID in Cubecart, it should work (I hope!).  

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