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Disable the quantity field in the your shopping basket page

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Everything seems to work fine with stock level,  up until cust loads the your shopping basket page.  in there they are able to update the quantity they want for a particular item which is fine BUT if there was a set quantity available of that item and they received the stock level message they should not be able to add anymore once they go view their basket.  did I break a code somewhere again 🙄 or is it something I can change so they can't edit that quantity.

Right now my items are setup to only have 4 available no mater what option they choose,  they get the warning stock level and it automatically adjust to what they can order Perfect. but in the basket page they can add more of that item, update the cart and checkout. 🤨


Thank you for the help.. 🙂

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I just notice something else, is there an option or setting that stops a customer from adding more than what's available in total.  right now if i choose 1 item with a set of option I can add a max of 4 which is correct but I can also add the same item with different options as well... it definitely need to not allow an item to be ordered in 9 sizes if I can only make 4 different size in the amount of fabric i have available for that one item.

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