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Using Cubecart in France, a good idea ?


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Hi all,

To open a CubeCart store, I would like to have feedback from French people who use cubecart to take the decision to use CubeCart in the long term for my French customers.

I know WooCommerce and Prestashop. All the plugins are present (gateway with French banks, shipping with French shippers, chronopost, dpd, colissimo, ...), but I'm not a fan. We save time at the start, but there is a lot of work to set up and manage a store.

I discovered Cubecart and I find it very nice, easy to use and efficient.

However, I am considering adopting it.

Is it better to use cubecart (and to make plugins specific to France (payment and shipping) Or to use prestashop (French solution) with all the modules already present.

Your experience and opinions interest me, Thank you in advance.



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Salut, je me permet de te répondre en français, pour te faire voir qu'il y a des français qui utilise CubeCart.

Perso, je l'utilise depuis la version 3.11 et ce que j'aime c'est la facilité même pour un débutant de pouvoir faire facilement des petites modification esthétique.

et la possibilité d'avoir des plugin multilangue mais je crois que pas tout le monde en fait. Et surtout l'aide sur ce forum que fourni dieux (bsmither)

après si tu fais des plugins en français, je veux bien te donner des idées

Hi, I allow myself to answer you in French, to show you that there are French people who use CubeCart.
Personally, I use it since version 3.11 and what I like is the ease even for a beginner to be able to easily make small aesthetic changes.
and the possibility of having multilanguage plugins but I think not everyone does. And especially the help on this forum that provided gods (bsmither)
after if you make plugins in French, I want to give you some ideas

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