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Can't figure out placeholder images (no-image)

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A couple of the products in my shop do not have images yet.
I'd like to display a placeholder image instead.

The best I found is this thread:


I checked the mentioned imagePath() and getProductImage() functions, but did not find any paths to change.

In my skin's config.xml I put

	<image reference="thumbnail" maximum="190" quality="80" default="platzhalter.png" />
	<image reference="category" maximum="800" quality="80" default="platzhalter.png" /><!-- Doesnt need a default -->
	<image reference="subcategory" maximum="105" quality="80" default="platzhalter.png" />
	<image reference="gallery" maximum="50" quality="80" default="platzhalter.png" />
	<image reference="normal" maximum="300" quality="80" default="platzhalter.png" />
	<image reference="enlarge" maximum="600" quality="80" default="platzhalter.png" /><!-- Doesnt need a default -->
	<image reference="tiny" maximum="30" quality="80" default="platzhalter.png" />
	<image reference="small" maximum="200" quality="80" default="platzhalter.png" />
	<image reference="medium" maximum="500" quality="80" default="platzhalter.png" />
	<image reference="large" maximum="600" quality="80" default="platzhalter.png" /><!-- Doesnt need a default -->

but it does nothing and inspection of the output gives me:

<a class="th" href="http://localhost/shop/no-image" title="NoImageProduct">
  <img src="" alt="NoImageProduct"></a>

and in debug:

7 => Array (14)
  name => "NoImageProduct"
  product_id => "8"
  quantity => "1"
  price => "€0.00"
  sale_price => null
  tax_type => "0"
  tax_inclusive => "0"
  url => "http://localhost/shop/no-image"
  ctrl_sale => false
  price_to_pay => "0.00"
  full_base_price => "0.00"
  price_unformatted => "0.00"
  sale_price_unformatted => null
  image => false


Since the post I found is rather old, were there any changes in how this works?
My base skin is Minimalizer.

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All skins need to follow a set of guidlelines.

One guideline is where to put and what to name the image that CubeCart uses when an image has not been assigned to a product.

That image is named as default in the config.xml file for the <image> nodes.

The image is located in the skin folder, /images/ folder. A stock skin should have noimage.png. I see that your config.xml file is using the name platzhalter.png, So, make sure platzhalter.png is located in the skin's /images/ folder. Then clear CubeCart's cache.


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platzhalter.png is in skin/images as well as the default noimage.png
"noimage.png" was originally in my config.xml, but it never showed up, only the broken image icon and "no-image" Alt-text.

Just to make sure, I also copied platzhalter,png to the main image folder and the shop's root folder as well.

This might be another quirk with Minimalizer.
Are there any more settings to this?

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6 hours ago, bsmither said:

What page are you looking at with the Smarty debug?


Above is from putting {debug} into main.php and then go to the shop's homepage.

But it's the same result everywhere. Inside content.product.php and then checking the product page, it says (as far as image related):

thumbnail => false
category => false
subcategory => false
gallery => false
normal => false
enlarge => false
tiny => false
small => false
medium => false
magnify => true
large => false
source => false

It's like placeholder images are switched off or something.



EDIT: I switched to Foundation skin and the placeholder image is there.
Switching back to my skin, it's gone again.
The original Minimizer skin also does NOT show a placeholder image.

Maybe this helps?

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minimalizer_config.xml > Original, right out of the box (noimage.png exists)
my_skin_config.xml > the one from my modified skin


Meanwhile I must have copied platzhalter.png into every folder there is.

As a test, I copied all contents of the Foundation (skin) folder into my own skin's folder. That did not work at all.
By trial and error I could use every file of the foundation skin but main.php. Even then, the placeholder images don't show up.

Also I did a fresh install of the Minimizer skin by token. Still no placeholder images.

If you install Minimizer, do placeholder images work for you?

 - if so, the root of my problem might be elsewhere
 - if not, maybe you can figure out from there what's wrong?


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I am not able to replicate your experiences.

Please edit the config.xml as follows:

Find all:
<style images="true">

Change to:
<style images="false">

In the 'my_skin_config.xml' file, there are two <styles> groups, one before <layout> containing all the colored sub-theme styles, and one after </layout> containing the default sub-theme style.

Group all the <style> nodes into one single <styles> group. Then, you will notice there are two sub-styles that have the default="true" attribute. There should only be one default sub-style.

I have attached the 'my_skin_config.xml' with these edits.



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Thanks, but sadly it still does not work.
I also tried creating a new product and it gets no placeholder.

I used your config.xml as is and also with the green subtheme as a default.

If a freshly installed Minimalizer skin does work for you, that's strange. I can't remember any placeholder images ever, even when I just had installed CC and the skin without any changes.

Even more so, the online-version never had the original Minimalizer skin before. I just installed it there and also no placeholders, only with Foundation.


1 minute ago, bsmither said:

Be sure to clear CubeCart's cache.


every time

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