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site crash when I make a change in Cubecart.class


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So I'm trying to edit the mandatory fields from the checkout form and what ever form that requires the address fields/ phone fields.  I came across a few post and the one I used was the one attached to this post since it looked like what I was looking for.  but  I am using the latest cc and some of the lines mentioned are not found in the file even when I do a search. and when I think I find what I'm looking for and change it my site crash and won't load but as soon I undo the changes it's all fine.

Definitely need some help on this one, if possible.  If there is another post with this question that's not old, I will gladly go read it.

I'm  trying to remove all the required fields and validations and have the fields optional for address and phone the rest if fine to stay.

thank you


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It is unfortunate that, currently, syntax errors in Smarty's code will cause a crash. (Hopefully, in the next version, CubeCart can catch those errors and at least give a clue as to what went wrong.)

Otherwise, you can create the error log (https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/).



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