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Order Confirmations to Admin not arriving


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If I had any hair, I would have pulled it out by now!
Every time I get something working, something else fails.

Whenever I make a testorder, my confirmation mails as a customer arrive immediately and without fail.
Up until day before yesterday, my client also got them as the admin (store owner)

Then all of a sudden, no more admin mails arrive, while I still get all my customer mails. (of course we checked the spam folder)
I have even added another admin-account with another email, "Receive order notifications?" checked on both of them.

But it gets even more strange:
If I change the status of an order from "Pending" to "Processing", a confirmation mail to the Admin(s) is immediately sent. And it looks exactly like the original order confirmation that never came.

I have since changed the Sending Method from php mail() to SMTP with TLS, but nothing changes.

I DID however change "gateway.class.php" as instructed by #bsmither in this thread:


I can't see how this would affect Admin-mails though.
To check I changed back to the old gateway.class.php and still get the same effect.

What is going on here, especially with mails arriving only after changing the status?

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In admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Misc section, "Order status for admin email notifications", the admin can be notified when a new order goes to Pending or Processing. (All statuses are listed, but the core code only pays attention to Pending and Processing.)

The POF has this courtesy email function because CubeCart, itself, does not send an email to the customer when their newly created order sits at Pending.


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Generate Schedules Every 15 Schedule Ahead for 20 Missed if Not Run Within 15 History Cleanup Every 10 Success History Lifetime 60 Failure History Lifetime 600

There are people suggesting these settings should be changed, but since they can’t seem to agree on the best combination, I’d rather leave it as it is.

You then need to go into your hosting control panel and set up cron jobs. In cPanel it’s under Advanced > Cron Jobs. Set them up to run every five minutes and use this command.




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