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Need help with unwanted auto scrolling


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The variable t is assigned a default value of false -- logical negating a non-zero number results in a logical false. Code-squeezers and minimizers convert false to !1 and true to !0 so that a few bytes of code script is eliminated. (A few bytes here and there adds up. Saves on download byte count. The admin.js file was originally minimized, but now is somewhat pretty-printed.)

Doing this initializing then gives a default value as the argument to all the functions that follow. But these functions usually acquire the thing on the web page that the function affects.

So, setting t to true as it affects scrolling to the top of the page on document ready... not sure.

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3 hours ago, Hanson said:

Unplug your mouse, then plug it back in after a few minutes.

Plug your mouse into a different USB port.

Make sure your mouse cable isn't damaged.

If you're using a wireless mouse, check or change your batteries.

Make sure there's no dirt blocking your scroll wheel.

Hey Hanson, I don't think it has anything to do with the mouse, it works fine as far as I know. For some reason, anytime there is a # in the address bar (such as admin.php#dashboard) and I refresh the page. it jerks and tries to scroll up.

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1 minute ago, havenswift-hosting said:

Their reply is spam - they have added an external link to your quoted text.  It will be removed soon and the offender banned

It's not. I know Yarnell now. :) The link left in by mistake is to hs CubeCart store. 

It's extremely challenging spotting spam at the moment. They are getting too clever. 

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