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Getting strange strings on print order description


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Please help

When customer choose "product option", there is strange array of strings e.g. YToxOntpOjU0OTtzOjI0OiI6IENUTjogMjAqIDFrZyAoJDM2MC4wMCkiO30= appearing on item description. This is I think related to the Deluxe Product Options CC6 Plugin which is not supported anymore.

How do I get rid of this? Thank you.

$360.001 x Assam Milk Tea, 1kg - MIL43VRB98-3 ($360.00)
Subtotal: $360.00
Total Discount : $0.00
Shipping: $18.72
GST: $37.87
Grand Total: $416.59



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We will need to look at the plugin to be sure, but I do not think it would be at fault.

We will also need to know where you are getting the top text (Milk Tea) and second image (Avocado Powder).

There has been a recent change to how the purchased product's chosen options are databased. That change causes this strange text to appear on after-market extensions that show purchased items' chosen options if the extension hasn't been upgraded or, if it has, the new version has not been in the store.

The code change was necessary because quotes and apostrophes were corrupting the previous method of databasing this data.

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