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Editing Order Confirmation Email Content

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Hi Guys

I've edited the content of the order confirmation email.

This has resulted in no order confirmation emails being sent.

While investigating this, I've seen tat B SMithers says there is a bug, but I can't find how to fix it.

Got an urgent problem here, as Ryan Reynolds is going on TV in the morning to advertise something we're selling, and currently we can't send emails...

If anyone can help that would be brilliant.




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Bring the Order: Confirmation email content back into the editor. Switch the editor to Source mode.

Carefully, look about the area that you edited. You will be looking specifically for any instance where a brace character was introduced or moved.

Braces are reserved for Smarty.

If necessary, copy what you have and paste it here. We can help try to find out what may have gone wrong.


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Go to Settings -> Notifications.

Click on the email you want to modify, lets do Order confirmation as an example.

Copy/paste the HTML into your favorite code editor - you can also edit it here in the browser if you prefer but I recommend using your editor.


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