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Product Weight being doubled in All In One Shipping.

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Hi guys

We have recently started using All In One Shipping, which is working well for us in most cases.

However for products that have options settings, for size and colour etc, we have noticed that the weight shown in the general information tab is added to the weight shown in the product options tab, giving double the weight we were expecting.

I was wondering if the solution would be setting the product weight in the general information tab to 0. 

Any help would be gratefully received as I didn't want to experiment on a live shop.



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When assigning the options to the product, there is a field to indicate if that option adds any weight to product's base weight.

Please verify that there hasn't been any value entered in these fields.


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Thanks bsmither


The guys who have been entering the products haven't been consistent and have sometimes included the original weight into the options field.

I'll now be able to explain that this should be set to zero, unless that particular option has an excess weight over and above the basis product weight.

Thanks again, your help is always appreciated.




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In other words, it is the weight differential. So, if an option adds (or subtracts!) some weight, it is only that which adds (or use a minus sign to subtract - I think) that is entered into the fields.


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