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Smarty Tags

Kevin D

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I want to make changes to the generated invoice, to make it localised for Australian GST

Is there a list of Smarty Tags that are used by CubeCart?

The main changes that needs to be done is the words "Tax Invoice" needs to be in the header, and VAT registration number should be ABN number.

Thanks in advance.

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Generally, CubeCart gives the entire language pack to Smarty.

So, if you look in the file /language/definitions.xml, you will see a series of <groups>, and within each group, a series of <strings>.

To have Smarty show a certain phrase, the Smarty variable would be:


For examples:
{$LANG.settings.tax_vat_number} = VAT Registration Number
{$LANG.settings.tax_number} = VAT Registration Number
{$LANG.basket.total_tax} = Total Tax

I did not find the phrase "Tax Invoice".

To change 'tax_number', in admin, Languages, click on the language you want to change. On the next page, select Settings from the drop-down selector.

When the list of phrases appears, scroll to 'tax_number' and click on the key words. This enables the text entry field for editing. Changed phrases are saved to the database.

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