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No tutorial that I know of.

In admin, Product Options, Option Groups tab...

Add a new option group for the first type of option: color? style? some defining characteristic? Required? Check the box. Save.

Add a second option group for Size. Required? Check the box. Save.

On the Option Attributes tab, select the first option group from the drop-down selector. Add a new attribute and click the white-plus-in-green-circle. Add as many new attributes as needed. Select the Size option group from the drop-down selector. Add as many sizes as needed. Be sure to click the white-plus-in-green-circle for each addition. Save.

Bring the product up for editing. Options tab.

Start selecting the options from the Add New Option from the drop-down selector. Click the white-plus-in-green-circle. Add all the options that apply to this product. Save & Reload.

In the list of options now shown, in the Options Matrix column, check all that should contribute to the various combinations of the product. Save & Reload.

Now, you will see an Options Matrix table showing all possible combinations, with a stock level field, and other fields, for each combo. Fill out the table and Save.


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Once you have assigned and saved the various options to the shirt product, and then once you have checked the relevant boxes in the Options Matrix column and saved, the product's Options tab will show the Options Matrix table. It is there you specify the individual stock levels.


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