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How to hide "Change Currency"?

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in my shop, we will only ever have one currency.
Still, the button to change it is always showing, only without content.

Is there a way to hide it, other than directly changing templates?

It seems to work with languages, if I have only one, the button to change it disappears.


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4 minutes ago, bsmither said:

We can edit the template (or is that what you mean by 'change') to remove that area.

In main.php, find and remove:

{include file='templates/box.currency.php'}



Thank you, I was wondering if there was a way without changing templates?
If I remove this box from main.php (tried that already), it still shows up in the sidebar of small screens.

I can find and remove it there too, but I would much prefer a "clean" way to do it. Just like languages behave automatically if there is only one.

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Posted (edited)


In box.off_canvas.left.php there is a condition to display languages or not if there is only one.

I put a similiar condition around currencies and it works fine.
I also put the same condition into box.currency.php

I think this should be the default behavior anyway, maybe this was an oversight?


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