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Customer ordered then cancelled 3 mins later = 2 order numbers???


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Cubecart v6.4.2

PHP v7.4.13

MySQL v5.5.5-10.3.27-MariaDB

A customer made an order. Realised he has made an mistake with the order. So he has cancelled the order by logging into their customer area and then cancelling it 3 minutes later. That has resulted in a new Order ID number being created and CubeCart did not cancel the original order ID, therefore I have 2 lines of order numbers from him. One as 'Cancelled' and another one as 'Processing'.

The one with the "Processing" line do not show how it was paid.


And on the Cancelled order, it showed that it was paid by PayPal Commerce


I logged on as himself via the Admin Console and this I what I see


Then I realised there is nowhere from him to cancel the order himself, even that the internal Notes showed me this



Is this a bug?

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The customer should be able to cancel if the order is still at Pending. The order at 23:56 says Processing which means the customer did, in fact, pay for it, and the gateway received confirmation that payment was successful.

The order at 23:58 should show a History that includes a Pending state.


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Just checked, yes I can confirm that 23:56 has the Transaction Log for PayPal.

So in a nutshell, this customer made two orders? One paid and one cancelled by customer for order at 23:58?

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