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US customer able to order even that Zone is disabled for US/USA

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Cubecart v6.4.2

PHP v7.4.13

MySQL v5.5.5-10.3.27-MariaDB

Extension: PayPal Commerce Platform v1.3.23

I had a customer who ordered via my store that I only sell to UK. I disabled the Zones for the whole world and leaving only UK. This is marked as "Disabled" for the "Status".

Yet, somehow this customer was able to place an order even that his address showed US address. The only difference I could see (I don't know if it's that) is that this customer put down as "United States" rather than "US" or "USA"

My PayPal Commerce Platform was set up to accept payment from UK only.

So how is this even possible?

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Using an external database utility, view the CubeCart_order_summary for that order. In the 'country' and 'country_d' columns, is there a numeric value (826 for "United Kingdom" or 840 for "United States"), or a text string?


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We know CubeCart is working correctly, per se.

We just need to know how CubeCart offered a disabled country in the customer's address book.

Was this customer a "full" customer, or a "guest" customer, when checking out for this order?

If you can determine this, did the customer use its PayPal authorized delivery address? -- the mode of a PayPal gateway (I forget which one) that has CubeCart accept what PayPal provides, from which CubeCart uses to update the order's customer's billing and shipping details.

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I really do not know anything about PayPal Commerce Platform v1.3.23, so please, if you can determine this, does the PayPal module have a mode that delivers to CubeCart the customer's "PayPal authorized address", whereby CubeCart accepts the address that PayPal provided, from which CubeCart uses to update the order's billing and/or shipping details.

We may need to have someone more familiar with this module to either confirm or deny this module has this feature.


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Think it's been mentioned before but Paypal commerce will override the address entered in your cubecart store with the one used or verified in Paypal - regardless of what settings you have in cubecart.

I and others are still using Paypal standard because of this.

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