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Retrieve Exchange Rate for Payment Gateway

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I am developping a payment gateway to connect my Cubecart-powered website with French PSP Systempay. Not that I specifically need that myself, but for the sake of public interest, I would like the gateway to support multi-currencies (provided, of course that the website owner has the correct set-up but in Cubecart and in Systempay).

Where I am struggling is on how to retrieve the exchange rates, which we have in Cubecart's admin panel. I have tried the following, all of them staying empty:


        $currency_records = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_currency','exchange_rate',array('code' => $currencyCode));
        if ($currency_records !== false) $exchange_rate = $currency_records[0]['exchange_rate'];    //here I was mimicking the way I retrieve the numerical currency code


        $exchange_rate = $GLOBALS['smarty']->getTemplateVars($currencyCode);

        $exchange_rate2 = tpl_vars[$currencyCode]->value['exchange_rate'];


Apologies if this is a dumb question, I am fairly new here, and haven't seen much documentation as of how to interact with Cubecart's databases and reference data tables. Thanks in advance for any hint!

Best regards,


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The column to retrieve is 'value' from CubeCart_currency. We assume $currencyCode is acquired from some other source that relates to the customer's choice in how they are viewing the site.

The value retrieved from the table is a multiplier against that distinct currency whose 'value' is "1.0000". Which is to say, the store's default currency.


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Thanks a million, I've used the below code and can now get the exchange rate indeed:

        $currency_records = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_currency','value',array('code' => $currencyCode));
        if ($currency_records !== false) $exchange_rate = $currency_records[0]['value'];


By any chance would you know the equivalent query to retrieve the amount of decimals (which is "2" for nearly all currencies)? I have tried replacing "value" by "decimals_place". Sounded a fair guess from what I saw both in the Cubecart code and in the logs when updating the admin panel (enclosed), but no leads...

Decimal Places.png

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