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adding extra field review


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im a bit struggling to get something working 

want to add an extra field in the review page

so in content.product.php i add

				<label for="rev_bijkomend">bijkomende opmerking</label>
				<input id="rev_bijkomend" type="text" name="bijkomend" value="{$WRITE.bijkomend}" class="textbox" />

in cubecart.class.php after 

  $record['rating']   = (isset($_POST['rating'])) ? $_POST['rating'] : 0;
            $record['product_id']  = (int)$_GET['product_id'];
            $record['ip_address']  = get_ip_address();
            $record['time']    = time();

i add 

$record['bijkomend']   = (isset($_POST['bijkomend']));

in database i added the new table bijkomend set as text 


  but whatever i do , it doesn't store the field bijkomend in the database. 
What am i doing wrong ?           


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Let's review:

$record['bijkomend']   = (isset($_POST['bijkomend']));

The form element with the input name "bijkomend" will get POSTed if the input tag is within the appropriate <form> block.

The statement above tests if the form element exists in the POSTed data. But, so far, the answer is either a 'true' or a 'false' logical value.

This is the start of a typical test structure called a Tertiary Operator. We can see that with the $_POST['rating'].

To finish that statement:

$record['bijkomend']   = (isset($_POST['bijkomend'])) ? $_POST['bijkomend'] : '';

The $record array will be saved in the CubeCart_reviews database table, so the new column 'bijkomend' should have been added to that table.

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thank you , that works. 

still learning 🙃

i tried a lot of things. 

and something i really dont understand...
when you look at the form to submit the review , you have the title and review box

but it you look at the functions to add it in the database , nothing there to find for those boxes. 

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CubeCart takes a shortcut.

Let's look at the private function _product() in the cubecart.class.php file. About twelve lines in, the entirety of the $_POST['review'] array is passed to $record (after encoding all the special characters). The $_POST['review'] array includes: 'anon' or 'name' and 'email', 'title', 'review'.

Now, $record has those array elements.

The code that actually does the database insertion checks to make sure that there is a table column having the same name as the array element key. Thus, the value in $record['title'] will end up in the 'title' column of the row being inserted.

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