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Google needs specific tax info in Feed

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Google is complaining because I don't show the tax attributes in my feed:

This is an example they gave of one of our products:

1989 Mattel MAGIC NURSERY Blond Braid Doll w Clothes - 2896 - https://plushmemories.com/lovie-shoppe/1989-mattel-magic-nursery-blond-braid-doll-w-clothes.html

Value on the landing page - 0.61USD
Value in the data feed - 0.00USD
Zip code - 33134

WE DO NOT COLLECT SALES TAX for anything but items shipped to our home state, Alabama. So we do not collect taxes for items shipped to zip code 33134.

As I understand it, which may well not be correct - this is what I need in our feed:

Header Field would be Tax (country:region:rate:tax_ship)

Corresponding field would be       (US: AL: 0.09 :No)

I do have Sales Tax shown correctly on CC Checkout, collected and paid to Alabama for anything delivered in Alabama. But nothing about tax shows up in the exported feed. I do have the correct Alabama tax shown in settings on Google Merchant, but now that's not enough to satisfy them.


First - am I correct in how I have formated the needed header entry and field.

Second - how do I add that to products.export.inc.php?


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