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Change Colours of Buttons and Text from Blue


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I wish to change the colour of buttons and text to match my logo. I added some lines to CSS (as per a suggestion for another theme/skin but that did not work in Foundation skin.

I added the following to cubecart.default.css

a {color: #933000;}
a:hover, a:focus {color: #933000;}
button, .button {background-color: #933000; border-color: #933000;}
button:hover, button:focus, .button:hover, .button:focus { background-color: #933000;}

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The latest versions of Foundation collect the various CSS files to make one huge file. That huge file is located in the /cache/ folder. So, regardless of edits made to CSS files (and the same applies to javascript files), until the cached file lifetime expires, of the cache is cleared, or by telling CubeCart to not collect these files into one huge file, these changes will not be realized.

During development - including skin modifications, we recommend that CubeCart has its debug mode enabled. (Admin, Store settings, Advanced tab)


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Do not edit the huge file.

This huge file is created by CubeCart and cached. It does not change. Only having CubeCart clear its own internal cache will delete it. Then, CubeCart will rebuild it.

Unless you have CubeCart in debug mode. In debug mode, CubeCart knows to not create this huge file, but rather keep each CSS file as a separate page resource - so that the browser then makes a separate GET request for each CSS file. (And in this case, one will need to force the browser to fetch fresh copies of page resources - usually by CTRL-F5.)


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