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strugling with get and where function


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so when you have


1) how can you get the_id_for_the_content from the url. 

is that something like $the_id = $_GET['the_id_for_the_content'];               

2) how can you set that it has to search for customer id AND the_id_for_the_content

$where = array('customer_id' => $GLOBALS['user']->get('customer_id')); 

 if (($get_the_content = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_database_name', false, $where, array('id' => 'DESC'), $per_page, $page, false)) !== false) {

                can't seem to get it to work






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We recommend to use a leading underscore for the key name of the contentType.

CubeCart will first try to build a friendly URL - but I won't get into that now.

1) Correct. The $_GET array will have the key ['product_id'] holding the value "67".

2) You can use $GLOBALS['user']->get() to get the logged-in customer ID value from the session.

What data needs to be supplied in the query, of course, depends which table you are querying. But the format is correct.

(The CubeCart_order_summary table has details about the customer, including the 'customer_id', but not the 'product_id' of any of the items in the order. The data about the order's items is in the CubeCart_order_inventory table, but no data about the customer. The one thing that joins these two tables is CubeCart's standard cart_order_id code.)

Also, records returned are in an indexed array. That means $get_the_content is an array where the keys are numbered starting at [0], and the content of each array element is itself an associative array, such as ['customer_id'] holding the value "67". All together: $get_the_content[0]['customer_id'] holds "67".

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Posted (edited)

  $get_the_content = $_GET['scr_id'];
  $where = $get_the_content[0]['customer_id'];                    

   if (($weergaven = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_content', false, $where, array('id' => 'DESC'), false)) !== false) {
   foreach ($weergaven as $weergeven) {

if i try this it doesn't print result. 

so the table content contains : row customer_id and get_the_content

with the scr code provided in url and customer id : there will be 1 result 

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