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Review/Feeback submissions. (Trustpilot mainly)


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I've asked a varition of this before but didn't get anywhere, I'm pretty bad at remembering to upload feedback request on places like Trustpilot, these reviews help dramatically with the cost of google ads and their placement.

I see now that they have actually fully disabled manual entry and severely hampered the relevance of any basic invitations, i.e me emailing customees requesting feedback, I guess for fear of order culitvation (which is a good point, I would totally do that).

As you can see from the image, loads of ecommerce platforms offer an API, which would be nice if someone wants to come at me with some plugin development costs, which I'm happy to chip in for. But the bare minium requirement atm is a BCC copy of the Order Complete email, I tried to ghetto trick the system into sending me a copy to the right email via Admin Order Notification, which works but then requests that [email protected] leaves the feedback ><

Anyone got ideas?


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1 hour ago, Lastwolf said:

But the bare minium requirement atm is a BCC copy of the Order Complete email,

This is simple to do and is one specific use case for this plugin https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/duplicate-cc-or-bcc-or-block-sending-of-order-emails and have quite a few clients using it simply for TrustPilot or other similar applications

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