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Missing geo_country table


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Hello Everyone.

The database for my cubecart 6.0 installation is missing the geo_country table.

File: [cubecart.class.php] Line: [1193] "SELECT * FROM `CubeCart_geo_country` WHERE status > 0 ;" - Table 'jumperman_store.CubeCart_geo_country' doesn't exist

Since we use Stelle's All-in-one-shipping module, it creates a problem where our users see this message when trying to check out.

The following errors were detected:

  • Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries.

We hadn't made any change on our end, so we have NO IDEA how the table came to be missing (PHP injection???), but we already checked through phpMyAdmin that the table indeed does not exist.

Would somebody have a .sql.zip file with the countries table, or any other method to fix this problem.

Will greatly appreciate!


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Please download the latest CC6 package from CubeCart HQ. Unzip the file.

Inside the unzipped folder, find:


Copy and paste only those lines that pertain to the missing table into the SQL Editor window on phpMyAdmin.


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Hi Bsmither,

While I have no doubts that your solution works (your reputation precedes you), I remembered that I had once cloned this website in a different domain for a project; so I exported and re-imported the specific table.

Should this happen again (or should anyone else experience a similar problem) would you venture to express an opinion on what could have caused the table to just disappear?

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Sorry, I do not.

For my development system, I keep the database's General Log enabled. That way, if anything funny happens, I will have a record of it.

Your hosting provider might not be keen to do that, however.

But, just on the outside chance there may be some clue somewhere, drop a note to your hosting provider and ask if anything out of the ordinary happened.


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A "shared VPS"... I do not know how far you can get at certain files and folders, and if you can restart services -- being "shared". Or do you have the entire (virtual) server machine to yourself? As in, you can access everything?

In the file my.cnf (maybe located at /etc/mysql/), there is:

general_log_file = /path/to/the/log/location/logname.log
general_log = 1

Restart the database server to make the config changes take effect.

Then you should read about creating a cron job that will "rotate" the log, optionally zipping it, for the month and restart the logging.

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