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By weight calculation


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I use the "By weight" shipping module and it works really well for what I need.

However, I often get rung by people wanting to buy things and needing to know a shipping cost before placing an order. So, what I think I need is either a spreadsheet (I use Apple numbers on my phone at work) or a dummy page in Cubecart so that I can put a weight into it and the formula will work out what the shipping would be.

I think all the information is in the By Weight module, in shipping.class.php. I guess I could use the code in this module and a code hook to produce another page in Cubecart that I could then use an input box to provide the data into the shipping.class code? I'm getting to the outside limits of my knowledge and experience on code hooks, so whilst this is the most elegant solution (it'll always work with the real data in Cubecart) it may not be the simplest way of getting what I need.


Has anyone any thoughts on doing this, or done anything similar?




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Please let us know if the CubeCart setting in admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Misc section, "Disable initial shipping and tax estimates" is not checked, and the skin your store is using.

I do believe that CubeCart will pass the shopping basket through the "By Weight" module to calculate a shipping charge, to be shown when viewing the Shopping Basket page, if the skin is coded to show it (the Foundation skin has this). The "Estimated" block allows for the customer to provide a better delivery address (assuming that would make some sort of difference).

"I often get rung by people wanting to buy things and needing to know a shipping cost"

Is this a case where the customer knows what you have, but are not actually, actively exploring your store?

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I'm using a modified version of Foundation (mainly different colours) - store is www.olivewoodturning.co.uk

The "Disable initial shipping and tax estimates" is not checked.


This is exactly as you say - people know what they want an ring me up without going through the store (or even near it!). I deal with a few "old blokes" some of whom still use chequebooks, or in some cases people are ringing me for something different than that which is advertised. So I'm trying to find an easy way (a paper copy may be the easiest!) of being able to quickly calculate shipping for a random selection of goods, which I can weight (or already know the weight). Since I've already done the calculations for shipping to populate the "By Weight" module, re-using this info seems like the best way of doing this.



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@Dirty Butter, @Claudia MThanks for your replies. I've not explained myself very well!

The facility I want is for me to get a shipping quote (not the customer), for items which are not sold via the website (I do "catalogue" items and specials, not listed on the web). So I'm just using the Cubecart shipping table as a "lookup" to a number I input. My shipping table is "non-linear" since there are some lighter products that are >1m in length and have a shipping premium, so it would help me to have this facility rather than a simple paper copy pinned to the wall!



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