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Calender Date Booking System Required Please

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I immediately see two approaches:

1. Each day is a product.
2. Each day is an option listed in the Options Matrix Table.

1. Each day is a product can have a unique description/image, such as: Saturday's events can be different than Sunday's events. Stock levels are on a per-product basis. Create one - clone many times.

2. Create a Product Option Group of many days, assign it to one product, enable the Matrix Table and stock levels there. Will need to develop a tweak to update stock level on option selection dynamically. (I think there is an extension that may assist with showing stock levels from the Matrix Table.)

Then, write a new display table showing a calendar, each cell is an indicator/link of a day's events. The styling of each cell shows availability. Could be shown as Latest Products, or on the View Category page.

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has anyone found a solution to this

im looking for a calender option to sell services and the customer get to choose from available dates

but i also want a membership package adding where i can add other engineers and they get there own calender so customer can choose which engineer on which date for that service depending on availability.

im will to pay for the development side assuming its not a silly price 



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