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Instalments Payment on Cubecart

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I'm working for developping a payment gateway (Systempay), and I would like to offer payment by instalments. My problem is, the gateways works by ending a form to a URL which is external to Cubecart, and the choice of paying all-at-once or by instalments shall be made when sending the form. Therefore I need, on Cubecart's check-out page (www.mywebsite.com/index.php?_a=checkout) the customer to be able to choose to pay all-at-once, or by instalments.

An obvious solution would be to create two separate gateway modules (I've seen Systempay does that on other e-Commerce frameworks), but I find it a pity to create two different modules with the only difference being the payment facility.

Does Cubecart offer any possibility to:

  • Either allow one module to display several descriptions in the payment methods (in the picture below that would be "Paiement par CB" and "Paiement par CB - Instalments)?
  • Or, within one description in the payment method below, to allow an option?
  • Or, any other method allowing this choice on Cubecart's check-out page?

Best regards,






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