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Chrome & Safari showing "different" dashboards


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I work on a Mac and use Safari more often than not, but I have both Chrome and Firefox loaded. I've noticed before and again today, that the two browsers report differently. Today, Chrome informed me via the Admin/dashboard page, that 6.4.3 was available and that PayPal commerce had an update available. Neither of these appear in Safari. From previous experience it may be a few days before Safari shows these things. Whilst its not a big problem, I'd like to understand what causes the problem and what I can do to change it. I'm sure it must be "something" to do with the way the cache works on each of the browsers, but ...

An help would be appreciated

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Please know that the admin code always bypasses the cache - even though there exists vestigial admin code that attempts to use it.

CubeCart, occasionally, will make a "version check". If you put CubeCart in debug mode (and enter your local IP address in the following text field - www.showmyip.com), you will see in SESSION:, __system, 'recent_extensions' and 'version_check'.

When CubeCart is gathering data to display the Dashboard, the "Session" is examined for the keys mentioned above. If not present, once the requests for version info have been received, those flags are set.

However, these flags are not present only if the session is "fresh". If, somehow, your session in Safari is not fresh (just now logged in), then those flags may have been set before the new versions were announced.

Please keep in mind that each browser should receive its own cookie, and thus have its own session.

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