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Missing Currency and Amount in Basket


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I am testing a payment gateway which I just developped, and for some reason, very recently I have been getting the error that the currency and the amount are empty in the form. When I checked my soft I couldn't identify any obvious root cause. However when checking the logs which are at the bottom of the page, I indeed do not see any currency nor amount filled in (logs are attached). However, if I change the currency to GBP, I can see it in the logs, as below. If I change it back to EUR, I also can see it, so it isn't a problem of how the currency is set.

'__client' =>

'ip_address' =>
'useragent' => Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:89.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/89.0
'session_start' => 1623257111
'session_last' => 1623257114
'language' => fr-FR
'user_language' => fr-FR
'currency' => GBP
I had based my code on the parameter 'currency' always being present. Is that assumption wrong?
Also, for a reason which I ignore, although I still cannot see the amount in the logs after changing the currency back and forth, it is sent to the payment provider correctly. So I am assuming that Cubecart has it although I cannot see it.
Appreciate any helps anyone has here. Cheers,

missing currency logs.txt

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Inside the gateway class, $this->_basket['total'] should be available, as that is what is generally sent to the payment processor. You might want to send the basket total through (if this works the way I think it does):

$customer_currency_total = $GLOBALS['tax']->priceConvertFX($this->_basket['total'])

as CubeCart will only work with prices in the store owner's default currency.

You might also see if this has a value:

$customer_currency_code = $GLOBALS['tax']->_currency_vars['code'];

The SESSION array will not have a client's currency if the customer has not changed from the store's default currency.

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Thanks! I got really confused that I was doing all my tests with the same user, user whom had changed the currency at some point, and hence I got always see the currency in the session parameters. But as soon as I got someone else to test my module everything failed. Sorted now, thanks!

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