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Identify Logged-In and Guest Customers


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For the payment gateway I developped, I am required to check whether the customer is logged in or is a guest (the payment provider requires it for fraud assessment purposes). I originally was under the assumption that the parameter basket['register'] meant the the customer is logged in (if set to 1) or is guest (if not set). Is it wrong?

On another note, I would like to have a clarification about the behavior of customer_id:

  • Can I assume that the customer_id in asket['billing_address ']['customer_id'] and in basket['delivery_address ']['customer_id'] is always the same?
  • Can I assume that, for two different customers in my shop (whether they are logged in or guest), customer_id will always be different? (I understand that, a same customer being a guest might end up with different customer_id)
  • I sometimes see te customer_id in basket['customer']['customer_id'] (which is convenient) and sometimes I don't see it there and have to grab it from either basket['billing_address ']['customer_id'] and in basket['delivery_address ']['customer_id'] (logs enclosed). Is there any reason for that?

Appreciate any help you may have!



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Sorry, $this->_basket['register'] is not an indication of whether or not the shopper is a logged-in customer or not.

You can use:


which will return a logical true if the shopper is logged in.

I am not familiar with basket['customer']. The following should get you the customer_id of the logged-in customer, or the id of the guest customer:

if(empty($shopper_id = $GLOBALS['user']->getId())) $shopper_id = $GLOBALS['user']->getGhostId();

The basket['billing_address']['customer_id'] and in basket['delivery_address ']['customer_id'] should be the same. The addresses come from CubeCart_addressbook and are keyed against the registered customer's 'customer_id'.

No customer will ever have the same 'customer_id' as any other customer. One of the customer details to obtain is the shopper's email address. And email addresses must be unique - CubeCart will not allow a Guest shopper to proceed to checkout having attempted to give an email that already exists.

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Thanks, I've used something very similar in my code. Posting it below if anyone is interested:

            if ($GLOBALS['user']->getId()){
                $hidden['vads_cust_id'] = $GLOBALS['user']->getId();
                $hidden['vads_ext_info_guest'] = "NO";
            else {
                $hidden['vads_cust_id'] = $GLOBALS['user']->getGhostId();
                $hidden['vads_ext_info_guest'] = "YES";

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