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6.4.3 out of the box


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I've just installed 6.4.3 out of the box for a client.

I note that it comes preloaded with a PayPal gateway.

However, this PayPal gateway has the option of SoFart 🙂

and pay by card.

Can I assume that SoFort is somehow affilliated with PayPal, and that Card Payment is also linked to PayPal.

My client has no card facilities, only PayPal.

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Really it's a question for PayPal but they call it an Alternative Payment Method. 

Any payments made via an alternative payment method like SoFort (I prefer SoFart) should just go directly into the PayPal account.

It's dynamic to the customers locations. So for example a customer in the US will see Venmo and Holland iDeal. Full list here: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/business/checkout/reference/supported-alternative-payment-methods/ 

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FYI and to be clear: CubeCart 6 does not come packaged with any modules.

However, the first time you view admin, Manage Extensions, CubeCart determines if you have any module of types gateway and shipping already installed, and if not, will fetch PayPal Commerce and All-in-One-Shipping as needed and install them automatically.


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I'm just a little concerned with the credit card part of the PayPal module.

My client (my kid really, but lets keep it professional :-), has absolutely no facility to take card payments.

She has no PCI DSS compliance etc etc etc.

Is it safe to assume that the card aquisition on this module is safe and secure ?


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