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301 Redirecting


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Since I installed your cart in my /shop directory to serve the shopping part of my website, I would like to redirect a few of the pages (Like the contact, TOS, Return, and Privacy) to the ones I already have. I tried using the .htaccess file in the main /shop directory, but it doesn't seam to work. (Note: .htaccess has always been confusing for me, so sorry if I made a simple error)


Here is the .htaccess code I added at the end:


RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule http://domain.com/shop/contact-us http://domain.com/contact [R=301,L]






Redirect 301 /contact-us ../contact



Neither works. Any help would be appreciated.


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Welcome Greenreader! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

CubeCart itself has a couple of methods of redirecting that does not involve the .htaccess file.

The first is that for Site Documents (Homepage, T&C, Privacy, et al), the Add/Edit screen, General tab, has a text field that, if a URL is entered here, CubeCart will direct the browser to go there instead of displaying the internal content (Content tab). The following selector determines whether the browser should show this alternate content in the same window or open a new window.

This is not a solution to the Contact Us form page. But, you can disable the internal Contact Us form, create a Site Document named Contact Us, and have it point to an alternate URL. (I will need to check if having a Site Doc with the same name as the Contact Us form would confuse CubeCart.)

(The second is for the scenario where you want an obsolete friendly path to point to the newer, current, CubeCart recognized friendly path. For example:
FROM: test-category/test-product
TO: test-category/test-sub-category/test-product

So, this is not a solution for your task.)



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