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Fedex Module Issue


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If the Fedex module is enabled (I assume it is), and you have selected at least one service to use, and Cubecart is in Debug mode, then any faults at getting a rate could be logged in two places: the admin System Error Log, and at the very bottom of the debug diagnostic section (Debug Messages).

Here is what my experiment's response was:

System Error Log:
[<strong>Warning</strong>] /modules/shipping/FedEx/shipping.class.php:255 - FedEx Error: No shipping quotes could be obtained for <zip>, <country>

Debug report (buried in a large XML structure):
  <Message>Rating is temporarily unavailable for one or more services: FIRST_OVERNIGHT; PRIORITY_OVERNIGHT; STANDARD_OVERNIGHT; FEDEX_2_DAY_AM; FEDEX_2_DAY; FEDEX_EXPRESS_SAVER; ; ; ; ; . Please try again later. </Message>

But, the settings in my module say I am only interested in 1, 2, 3-Day Freight, or Ground.

The response (buried in the XML) that includes those service choices which Fedex lists as eligible shipping options are:

  32lb at 28.91USD

I did not get a shipping rate for UPS listed at checkout.

In looking at the UPS shipping class code, I think I see a logic flaw. I will need to make some experiments.


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A logic flaw has been reported in the GitHub. See:


As noted there, Fedex is saying there is only one service available (for the package parameters I submitted in my experiments), which exposes the logic flaw.

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