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How do I link PayPay Standard on Website to PayPal Account?


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I have Cube Cart V5 installed and have activated PayPal Standard as payment method. On a test sale, the PayPal screen comes up and asks 1) Login to your PayPal Account, 2) Use your credit card. How do I link this to my PayPal account so that purchases are registered to my PayPal account?




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in your dashboard - extentions - Paypal standard , mine is set up as per the following image, but ensure that the email address you use is your 'Primary' email address in Paypal (if you use more than one email address within Paypal then double check in Paypal which is your primary one).


Satus: tick set to on.

Priority: if you have more than one payment extention - sets which order : 1 = 1st in list , 2 = 2nd in list etc (at least I think this is what is does)

Scope: set to both

Default: Leave the Default box unchecked if you plan on using another system as the default for buyers to use.

You can change the *Description to whatever wording you want.

Set which zones (countries) you allow for payments , mine is UK so all zones of the UK are included, I have also set a few disabled zones to stop people from countries I don't ship to at present being able to order and pay on the site.

Once a customer ( or you if you are testing) creates an order and goes through the checkout process , upon clicking the make payment button they are then transferred to the Paypal system to make the payment, they have a choice to either login to their paypal account if they have one or to make payment by card.

When they make payment it is transferred to your Paypal Primary Email address  (it’s your account address) and how money is transferred from the buyer to your account.

I also have a note on my order info page to advise customers that a Paypal account is not required:

Online:  Simply add the items to your basket and complete checkout and payment via the Paypal SSL Secure payment terminal.

Our store uses the PayPal card services to process online debit and credit card payments using encrypted SSL. On the payment screen you can select to either pay by your credit or debit card or for those who wish to or already have set one up - can use a Paypal account. An account is NOT required with either us or with Paypal to shop at XXXXXXXX. PayPal protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems.

PLEASE NOTE: Paypal does not share your financial and personal information with the merchant (XXXXXX). Please do not use, amend or update any email or delivery address within Paypal for your order - under GDPR data protection rules this information is not passed to us, we only use the email and Billing/Delivery addresses as entered in our store at the time of placing the order.

Once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a receipt for this transaction from Paypal as well as an order and payment confirmation email from ourselves.

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