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How to migrate category tree from one CubeCart install to another?

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Hi there,

I want to create another CubeCart installation. The category tree was very time consuming, and so it's daunting to do that all over again.

Any hints on how to quickly replicate the tree?


Ideas l'm toying with:


1. Upload my inventory spreadsheet, which mentions the categories of each item. Would that auto-create those categories, seeing as they don't actually exist in the new CubeCart instance l'm setting up?


2. Copy ---> paste a file containing the category tree. Where would such a file be located?

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You could copy/paste the file /cache/abcde.html.skin.menu.lang.cache, but it won't last long, and you will be taken by surprise when it happens.

I see code in the admin Product Import feature that looks at a heading named 'cat_id' which will accept either a comma-separated list of ID numbers, or a comma-separated list of category names. I think each item in the name list can be expressed as a slash-separated hierarchy of category names. The first item in the list will be the item's primary category.

But the most easiest is to have phpMyAdmin export the CubeCart_category database table to a SQL type of file, then import that SQL file via phpMyAdmin to the other database.

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What do you forsee happening if l reassigned my existing cubecart shop (no products yet, just categories, T&C docs, reCaptcha IPN, etc.) to a new URL with my managed hosting company's help?

Could l get off to a running start with the "new" shop (= old shop, under a new domain name)?

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CubeCart is very good at figuring out where it is. But this is based on what the web server tells PHP in the $_SERVER array (you can see this array in admin, PHP Info, near the bottom).

Clear the cache first (as CubeCart wants to use the FQDN URL in the HTML snippet having the list of categories and was cached).

So, just tell the web server (vhost file) what new domain name it is to answer to, keeping the 'rootdoc' directory the same.


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