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Login to admin SLOW

Dirty Butter

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Logging in is a PAIN. I turned on the Network status in Developer Tools and the Get for my renamed admin screen took over 2 minutes to complete. Everything after that sped right along. Any ideas why that is taking so long? Anything I can do to speed that up? I'm on 6.4.4.

I did find this error message in the Developer Tools regarding my renamed admin login file.

This page uses the non standard property “zoom”. Consider using calc() in the relevant property values, or using “transform” along with “transform-origin: 0 0”.

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A 'renamed' admin screen. Can we assume that the originally named admin screen (the folder name I think you mean) did not have a two minute delay?

You can pretty much ignore anything and everything your browser could complain about with regards to time waiting for first byte to be received from the site.

However, after receiving that first Dashboard page, editing a product will have the browser ask for image folders and image names. That may take a while, but because that happens after the whole page loads, it is not pertinent to your situation.

With CubeCart's debug mode enabled, look at the very last line of the debug section. It will say how many seconds PHP took in getting everything built for output.

If that value seems overly large, scan through the SQL queries taking note of the Hack values. Find any adjacent pair of queries where the hack values seem to have an overly large difference.

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Your browser's Network panel observes who and what your browser, working on your personal workstation, is communicating with.

CubeCart, working on the server machine, has sent a request for some info to an external source. This is activity out of context of your workstation and even before CubeCart has built any web page to send out.



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