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Tools l need to sell mass-produced low price items


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Personally, l think a developer could get rich if you create the following tools for sellers of mass-produced low price stock:

1. Import postal zones

2. Import categories

3. Export orders: I would want customer name, address, and also product name, SKU, and the product packaged weight, as per the corresponding column in the CubeCart upload spreadsheet.

That vital info would allow me to organise the Export Orders csv into weight categories, and then divert each weight category to a courier l know to be doing the best deal at the moment, for that weight category.

The savings would be huge, if this is scaled up to thousands of orders per week.


4. Discount tool offering: "Buy [Quantity] Get Cheapest [1,2,3,4 etc.] in a Category or Entire Inventory, FREE!"

5. Postage and Packaging discounts for additional units of an item, e.g. 1 widget = £5 + £2.50 P&P, buy 5 widgets = formula that gives £2.50 + £0.50 per additional widget = £2.50 + (4*£0.50)

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6. A way to duplicate shipping zones (e.g. Ireland ---> Copy of Ireland ---> rename "France" ---> insert prices for France, without tedium of again setting up 5 courier options each with 6 weight bands)


7. A way to assign a pre-designed product options group (pre-designed via CubeCart control panel > Inventory > Product Options) to a product at the stage of filling in the product upload spreadsheet. In other words, if your product upload spreadsheet has an item called "T-shirt", allow the product option group called "T-shirt colours" to be specified for that product, within the upload spreadsheet. Then when the product is uploaded, your "T-shirt" item will automatically show a pulldown menu for "Red" "Green" "Blue" as specified when you created the "T-shirt colours" option group.

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