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System Error Log

Claudia M

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Got these in my admin system error log yesterday.  Also got an email from them - in Russian ( I guess)  Anything to worry about? I deleted them as a customer

Yesterday, 19:53 File: [user.class.php] Line: [890] "INSERT INTO `CubeCart_customer` (`title`,`first_name`,`last_name`,`email`,`phone`,`mobile`,`password`,`salt`,`registered`,`ip_address`,`language`) VALUES ('Интернет-магазин дизайнерской мебели - Farming-mods.com','LoerhejkeFD','LoerhejkeFD','[email protected]','86175935559','83513383524','af90b5071484aa9da32b99211ced899c6792f30338d5b050738e2d444fffb505f6b8758ee3d2ce484057efd8cc76450ef86388a08b7abeff45229b224d0ae759','7eeda33d','1628985203','','en-US');" - Duplicate entry '[email protected]' for key 'email'
Yesterday, 17:18 File: [user.class.php] Line: [890] "INSERT INTO `CubeCart_customer` (`title`,`first_name`,`last_name`,`email`,`phone`,`mobile`,`password`,`salt`,`registered`,`ip_address`,`language`) VALUES ('Интернет-магазин дизайнерской мебели - Farming-mods.com','LoerhejkeFD','LoerhejkeFD','[email protected]','87481452859','88385165265','a9a491d31b30f5c05c086f7367c33b7f9762b52b29501cd2d28cf1653b4c3d3e9c3ff7228d5793fae99f7a588ecf2e4e191780f92161ac5bbe74613ec0b0122b','6a70ded2','1628975913','','en-US');" - Duplicate entry '[email protected]' for key 'email'
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No. The error message was logged because the database server rejected executing the query because there was already a record with that same email address. No more than one record can have any specific email address.

FYI: There is a conversation on the forums that will have new code added to the CubeCart start-up file which will test for certain conditions on the POST data from the Registration form. One condition is if the same two capital letters are at the end of the first and last name entries. If the test passes, PHP stops executing the script.


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