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Question about Pending Orders

Dirty Butter

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I'm trying to help someone buy from us from a country we don't normally do business with. I have required that they be PayPal verified.

Does a Pending order for the ONLY ONE in stock prevent someone else from being able to order it and pay for it (before the first buyer's verification process completes)?

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For CC642*, putting the store setting, Stock tab, "Reduce Stock Levels" to Pending, will reduce the stock as appropriate when the the order goes to Pending -- that is, when the customer begins the checkout process.

Until the stock gets decremented, the item is still considered "on the shelf" for others to place in their shopping basket.

* Or so I believe. I haven't verified for any later version, but I am working on this:


It is a problem, in my opinion, created by the Github issue #2565. Too many stock level checks will find that the stock is at zero when the item is already in the shopping basket, and CubeCart will remove that item from the cart.

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It's still a problem where customers can't come back and pay later (even 1 minute later) if you use 'Reduce stock at pending'.  I use it in my store but have the time set at 30 mins after which it cancels the order and emails them to politely advise them of why.

I would rather do it at pending than have a load of customers p'd off because when they got to checkout and find half of what they put in their basket wasn't available any more.

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