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Redirect to Paypal at last page of checkout is blocking


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My store was working great since last upgrade to latest version.

All of a sudden orders can't be processed so I see the order as pending but the redirect to Paypal for payment from the last stage of checkout is failing.

I tried to do a mock purchase myself and trying to allow the redirect doesn't work.

How do I get sales to be processed properly? Is this a problem with CC or Paypal?



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"the redirect to Paypal for payment from the last stage of checkout"

This is where the customer is supposed to be sent to PayPal for payment at PayPal's site?

By "is failing", can you be more specific? The checkout process is stuck at the "Transferring..." throbber stage? (If you have more than one gateway option - otherwise, CubeCart should go there automatically as it is the only choice of gateway.)

Any messages in the CubeCart admin system error log?

And when, as best you can determine, did this "all of a sudden" happen?

Just recently, Russia messed up with its blocking of VPNs -- not saying you are using a VPN, but just saying.

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@bsmitherThanks for the reply.

I'm not using VPN so that shouldn't be an issue. I'm based in the UK, but I don't see why that should make any difference either. I'm not doing anything differently. It would appear to have started at the beginning of Sept but I only recently got feedback when I followed up an unsuccessful order.

Yes. After clicking "Secure checkout" (green button) the redirect to Paypal to process the payment doesn't happen and the following error message occurs


At this point the redirect to Paypal hasn't occurred and no card details have been entered.

If I click on the other option to "check out with Paypal" (yellow button) it seems to redirect to Paypal OK and prompted me to log in there.

The order gets registered as "Pending" in the order list.

TIA for your suggestions.

Best regards


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