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UK Regions Needed!


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Hi there, l feel we need to have the following UK / UK-ish regions to put into our own bespoke postal zones:

1. Mainland UK

2. Isle of Man, Scottish Isles, Scottish Highlands (all together in one grouping, but you can have them as separates if you want?)

3. Northern Ireland

4. Channel Islands (to preserve sanity l'm refusing to Wiki the exact political status of this area and the Isle of Man too for that matter)


The costs can vary quite wildly depending on the courier service.


I'm unsure how UK-centric CubeCart is, and doubtless every nation on earth has its regional variations in courier costs. But this is the regional variation for the UK anyway.

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I used to have them split in my old V4 store, in the countries and zones splitting the UK regions into 4 and adding Scottish Islands and Highlands and Channel Isles (even Isle of Wight can cause problems for some couriers) only problem was you need to also split the areas in to regions/postcodes as I often found people in Scottish Highlands would still just choose Scotland.

This is a good reference for codes: https://www.genuki.org.uk/big/Regions/Codes

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Ahhh sorry l just realised l can add countries


Countries/Zones ---> Add Country ---> [your suggestion: https://www.genuki.org.uk/big/Regions/Codes ]


It made me chuckle that highlanders would still opt for mainland, worth a try l guess. Thankfully it doesn't usually matter (anyone remember Initial CityLink? As l recall, they made a proper mess of outlying regions, too complicated, it may have been their downfall).

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