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DIY versus CubeCart hosted account


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Hi there, l feel it'd be nice to show upfront what you can do with CubeCart yourself as a novice, and what the novice would need a hosted account to achieve.

Otherwise it would create abrupt situations and make people think certain things just aren't doable, or make them give up in panic and try elsewhere. Just showing a nice development roadmap upfront would help people plan their growth (most people wouldn't mind that the developers would like you to get a hosted bespoke cart or a tech support package, it's understandable). Speaking for myself at least.



Edit: of course there is this page: https://hosted.cubecart.com/

... but it'd be good to know examples of what "Minor coding tweaks & changes" you could arrange under a fully hosted package. E.g. if it turns out that something isn't do-able in a forum thread, could you do it via a hosted package?

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Hi there Al,


I've written up a list of pain points that l would hope could help make inventory transferable between eBay and CubeCart etc. etc.:


I'd really like to see at least some of these features native, and maybe some of these features left to bespoke solutions that you pay extra for. In the case of the latter, at least make it clear up front that these extra features must be paid for.

(None of them seem to be doable via the existing CC marketplace tools. I am aware that Noodleman has a few tools dealing with Buy X get Y FREE, but as you may recall, it messed up my databases as he didn't specify the Php version needed.)

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