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There is but all that does is move the PayPal logo from the left to right of the message.  Doesn't move the message itself.  Plus there is nothing in the skin/template/ checkout fill that a person can style.  There is this but that's for the product detail page that CubeCart doesn't have right now:


Nevermind found it.  Text-align basket - I changed to right.  I had done this on the last version but it didn't move it to the right.  Is this what was updated in the latest version?

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The details on the version changes for this module suggest that the location of the text phrase in the section of checkout listing Gateway choices can be changed. (As well as a means to identify the location of where some other pieces of this module get located.)

This data is somehow sent to PayPalObjects which, in turn, use it to generate a customized <iframe> having been constructed by PayPalObjects with all the necessary components, phrases, buttons, style sheets, and javascript snippets. Which is to say, mostly out of your direct control - nothing in CubeCart's templates to play with.


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