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Testing email - SMTP with TLS


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Suddenly, without changing any email settings, I am receiving orders but no email confirmation.

In Store settings/ Advance I have tested the email with the following result.


Then I used the PHP mail() Function, that works!

Testing email sent by "PHP mail() Function" from CubeCart v6.4.4 at

Any suggestions please, to return to SMTP with TLS.

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Did this resolve itself?

On Oct 30, Let's Encrypt expired one of its root certificates. Hundreds (thousands?) of organizations suddenly could not establish a secure connection with their associated platforms.

From the error report posted above, it seems likely that attempting to start the TLS handshake is where the process broke.


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Thanks Brian,

Yes It is working again now. (well it was)

When I change from PHP Mail () Function to SMTP with TLS and click the test button I receive a positive response and an email:


Testing email sent by "SMTP with TLS" from CubeCart v6.4.4 at https://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop

If you are reading this message then you can be sure that email from your store is working.


However, if I then click save and then click clear cache I get the same error as before.

Any suggestions please, to return to SMTP with TLS.

Many thanks.

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