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CubeCart Product Upload Spreadsheet

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Hi there,

I notice you've created a new page (after old page went missing) giving explanatory notes (i.e. a "cheat sheet") for creating a CubeCart product upload spreadsheet, here: https://support.cubecart.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360003831277-How-do-I-use-the-bulk-product-import-tool-


I would like to add:


# For product_weight, l feel the following explanation may be necessary:

I believe this is set to be kg or lb via your CubeCart control panel > Settings > Store Settings > General > scroll down to "Locale Settings"



# Coming to think of it, l think you should have an override via the product upload spreadsheet, similar to the spatial dimensions column headings (see next point, below) whereby you can specify the weight unit for each product, with the extra caveat that you can specify any unit you please, with a list of suggested SI units (to ensure compatibility with extensions) in the explanatory notes. So now, you can finally set the weight to "g" or "oz", no longer the "kg"/"lb" dichotomy, or if you feel like it, could also use silly made up units but this would make your "weight" field unreadable by postage extension apps purchased via the marketplace.



# Also, l feel you need to account for the following column headings, explain how they work, because it seems to me we are allowed to use any units we please for the product's spatial dimensions via these column headings - is that true?:

Product Width Product Height Product Depth Dimension Unit


I believe they are the only template upload spreadsheet headings that are unaccounted for in your explanatory notes.




# Coming to think of it, l got the above 4 column headings from my copy of the template product upload spreadsheet, but in your revised explanatory page (linked to above) there is no longer a downloadable template product upload spreadsheet. May l ask where it is? And why those 4 headings have been left out of your explanatory page?



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# There needs to be a way of assigning a product option group (created via control panel > Inventory > Product Options) to each product in the product upload spreadsheet, thus making the inventory csv more transferrable between marketplaces / shopping carts.


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