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Disable Checkout option not saving


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I turned "off" my site a few months ago by checking the "Disable Checkout" option. When I now go to uncheck this, it doesn't save the preference. I'm not sure which table this is kept in otherwise I'd use SQL/myPhPAdmin to alter it.

However, I think that this may not be unique to this checkbox because I had a similar issue with the "Double Opt-in" checkbox for the Newsletters. 

So, I think something is stopping me saving presences - any thoughts?



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Please visit the Store Settings, Offline tab. Switch the editor to Source mode.

Verify that the amount of HTML content shown is 'reasonable'. If the amount of code is extensive, as if it was copy/pasted from a Word document - which embeds thousands and thousands of bytes of unnecessary sludge, you may need to trim that down as best you can, or delete it and start over.

Do the same for the Copyright tab.

These two settings are the only ones that can contain an over-abundance of bytes that will overflow limits imposed by the hosting environment's web server and by PHP's intake of this data.


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I did as you said and there was a lot of "guff" in the HTML in the Offline tab. I'll fix this for next time. There was no guff in the Copyright tab, just clean HTML.

However, weirdly, I'd fixed the problem by switching to Chrome instead of Safari (on a Mac). I guess something to do with a cache since I don't use Chrome much.

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added part re Copyright
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