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Changing the text for "buy" button in crosshatch theme

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Hello All,

I am using the crosshatch theme and want to change some of the text on button. Specifically I want to change "BUY" in the product buying area to "Add to Cart". And I would like to change "View Basket" to "View Cart"


I think I see in the CSS files how to change styles of said buttons, but where is the text stored?

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In CubeCart's admin, Languages, click the Edit icon for the language(s) you wish to change the phrases for.

The next screen has a drop-down selector for the groups of phrases. The phrases you mentioned are in the Catalogue group.

However, the Catalogue group also contains a "add_to_basket" phrase. You now have a choice of changing the template - {$LANG.catalogue.buy} to {$LANG.catalogue.add_to_basket}, for example - or to actually change the displayed phrase.

Changes made in admin are databased, so they will persist across upgrades and different skins.


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The template file you are looking for depends on the skin being used.

For Foundation, find the file element.product.call_to_action.php. This file contains all the HTML code to show prices, availability, quantity to purchase, and the Add to Basket button. That button code will be near line 40.

Other template files where the customer can add the item to the cart are: content.category.php (near lines 119 and 178), and content.homepage.php (near line 65).

Please let us know what skin you are using, and where you see Buy. (Oops! I see now that you did provide this info.)

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I am using crosshatch.

I was able to change the language in the admin section as you suggested. It seems like that is the best idea since that will persist across updates. (Assuming I correctly understand your first reply). Now I am just trying to better understand the coding behind the scenes, that is why I am looking for the templates.


Thanks for the help!!!

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