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Hi there, if l remember rightly, you'll need to log into your CubeCart control panel.


Go to Store Settings

Complete all the details in all of the relevant tabs you will find on that screen.

For example: select a skin.




Here are some of the more detailed notes l made a long time ago [NOTE: l'm not sure if they will still work for the latest version of CubeCart, NOTE: These aren't my complete notes on how to set up a CubeCart shop, just the best parts :)]:


---> Select some skins here: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/skins
To install a skin, press the lightning icon and then follow the instructions to start your auto-install (the lightning icon is very apt because it is quite a simple process)
---> Set your default skin (see above for how to obtain a skin in the first place):  
Settings > Store Settings > Layout > Skin Settings
---> Set up your standard shop elements e.g. the About Us section and your various policies on payment, cancellation, returns etc.:  
File Manager > Documents

---> Give shop name and address, set up default language and currency, number of new products to display per page, maximum precis length, weight unit, enable SSL, set a GDPR dialogue box and so on:  
Settings > Store Settings > Continue across all of the available tabs
---> Set up currencies:  
Settings > Currencies
---> Set up taxes:  
Settings > Taxes (but they are already set up for you - at least, if you live in the UK; see the template product upload spreadsheet for instructions on tax IDs)
---> Set up reCaptcha:
Settings > Store Settings > Features > Bot Protection
Follow the link to set up a Google account so that you can obtain and input the reCatpcha keys.
There is no cost.
---> Set up Shop Categories:
- Inventory > Categories > Add Category
- Check Status to activate the category
- Check Visible to make the category actually visible in your shop
- Category Name: Input the category title - PLEASE NOTE: I suggest that you check the list of Google categories here: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/6324436?hl=en&visit_id=637118121844232581-3055822197&rd=1
Alternatively, you can browse the list of Google categories within the CubeCart admin control panel by navigating Inventory > Products > General > Go to "Miscellaneous" section at bottom of screen > Browse the Google Categories from the pulldown menu
- Parent Category: Assign a parent category from among the categories already input. It may be an idea to enter the parent categories first, so that they can be selected as parent categories when subcategories are later added. Alternatively, when the list of categories is created, some categories can be designated as subcategories to parent categories by manually clicking and dragging them and thus placing them as subcategories in the finished list of categories.
- Please note the Search Engines tab, it can help your shop's visibility in search engines.
---> Upload your inventory:
- Prepare your CubeCart Upload spreadsheet from the generic "Template" spreadsheet.
- Set up an FTP account via your web hosting control panel
- Using an FTP program such as FileZilla, upload all of your product inventory images in their correct folders as per the filepaths given in your inventory upload spreadsheet. The parent folder will be "images/source" on your server space, within the CubeCart installation folder.
- In your CubeCart admin control panel: Inventory > Import Catalog as a .csv file. You may need to change the delimiter (see the dialogue box that appears when you open the CSV file in a spreadsheet program) and the language used (only UTF-8 and ISO 8859-1 encodings are allowed). Test the delimiter by opening the .csv file as a text file, to see what separates the columns of data e.g. a comma, an apostrophe, or a space / tab space etc.


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