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Product options print issue after upgrade to 6.4.4


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Upgraded store from 6.2.9 to 6.4.4.  No error messages in the upgrade.  However, now product options print in what looks like a hash of some sort instead of the color, size, etc. (See attachment)

Everything seems correct in the admin and I even deleted and re-added the options but it still prints out this hash on the order.  I went in to the tables to make sure it wasn't something getting written that way but the options are correct and in plain text there.

Any help on where I should start looking for this would be greatly appreciated.


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This is a known issue:


The above posting in the Github moves to discuss this issue, but the OP is for something else.

We have found this is the result of an incompatibility between CC64X (possibly CC641+) and a version of the Print Order Form shipping module prior to POF122. (Also e-Payments Interac.)

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OK, I see the bug you are referring to appears to be in the Print Order Form extension.  I don't use that extension.  I am getting this in the admin interface when viewing an order.  Did I miss something in that bug thread on Github?

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OK, I got it.  Once again, I got bitten by the "security by obscurity" silliness of CC.  Updated the admin folder but not the old obscured admin folder before I ran the upgrade.  Loaded the files manually to the new obscured folder and all is good now.

I REALLY hate that "feature".

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