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Stock Level Warning = blank. Why do l still get stock level warnings in uploaded inventory?


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I have several times attemped to upload my inventory. The stock level warning column is left blank.


Sometimes i match it to CubeCart's upload parameters i.e. CubeCart takes a note of that column.


Last time l tried, l didn't even match it up i.e. l let CubeCart ignore that column.


Either way, whether l tell CubeCart to match up with the Stock Level Warning column in the uploaded inventory or to ignore it, l get a stock warning for each of my inventory items, which l am listing as single items. As l say, the Stock Level Warning column is blank anyway. My actual stock level (Stock Level, Use Stock Level) for each item is 1.


What gives?


@bsmither heeeeeeeelp

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In the CSV, there may be a column for 'stock_level' and 'stock_level_warning'.

However, in the general Store Settings, Stock tab, there is "Admin stock warning method" (product-specific or global), and "Global stock warning level".

Please let us know your setting for "Admin stock warning method".


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Thank you, i returned to this thread because the problem did indeed crop up again, it was just a delayed effect with each new spreadsheet upload. So it's back.


I go to Store Settings > Stock >

Admin stock warning method = "Use Global stock warning level"

Global stock warning level = "5"


I have now changed it to:

Admin stock warning method = "Use product-specific level"


It seems the problem is now solved :)

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16 hours ago, Allen69 said:

Did you found any solution for that? I am facing the same error.

Hi there, l cannot even remember creating this thread and l have no clue what it is about, but please see the post immediately above yours, l've given the solution there :)

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