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Issue with adding a new document

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Welcome fostercreations! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

May we have a web address where we can see the shipping page?

From the image above, it appears the document exists (there is the document title), but the content is not showing. I am wondering if it is because the text is colored white - on a white background. Or maybe there is a 'less-than' character that is confusing the browser.

When you say the info doesn't stay, do you mean that when you return to edting the document in admin, the content previously entered is not there?

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I see that the editor already has this feature. However, inserting an "emoji" using the 'smiley-face' button on the toolbar, actually inserts an image from the 'Smiley' plugin images collection. That is, this is not a true unicode-based identifier for an emoji.

Maybe the high-order byte values that are the unicode identifier for the emoji was causing the actual problem?


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